Sunday, October 05, 2008

Work at Home Mom: Maia San Diego at the Sunday Inquirer Magazine

Please indulge me as I share our family's excitement over the article on our daughter Maia's exhibit in today's Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday Magazine.


Sexy Mom said...

i, too, would have been a very proud mom. congratulations! your daughter is very talented and gifted!

Wordsmith77 said...

What could be more heart-warming, for a parent, than having a child who expresses beautifully the creative flair of the whole family?

And what could be more exciting than having this child's enormous talent acknowledged by the media (TV and print)?

Hmm, on second thought, I think it will be more exciting when Maia San Diego holds another solo painting exhibition!

MJ said...

Thank you very much, Sexy Mom and Wordsmith77!

Maia has been invited to guest in One Morning, simulcast in Channels 4, 9 and 13 from 6-8 am, on October 14. Some of her paintings will be brought to the studio, as well.

We're so happy that she's getting recognized for her art. It will fuel her passion even more.

kc cordero said...

just wondrin' if the mom got featured also in the magazines during her teens. as they say, mana-mana lang 'yan... :)

MJ said...

Nope, KC, I was already a mom and writing as Maia Jose when I got media coverage. I'm so glad that my daughter has a headstart, though. Of course the next generation is an improvement over the previous one :-)

Limoeg said...

That is great.Congratulations.

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