Thursday, June 21, 2007

Five Stars for "AnitoKid Chronikos - Billiards and Philippine Sports"

For those of you who still haven't been to AnitoKid Chronikos - Billiards and Philippine Sports, and I think there's not a lot of you who still haven't been there, let me tell you about my friend's amazing blog.

AnitoKid put up the blog in November 20, 2006 but only began to post regularly in February 2007. Take note that in the very short period since then he now has a Technorati rank of 4,542 (in the top 5,000!), a Technorati authority of 613 and a ratified rank of 17 in the Top 100 Philippine Blogs (in the top 20!). He is, therefore, considered by Technorati as an A-List Blogger. This is just as of this writing. I'm sure the stats will climb even higher, as they do every hour it seems.

AnitoKid has a passion for billiards and has a lot to show for his sport in terms of blogging:

- He introduced the first blogcard devoted to billiards.
- He is the first PPA and MSBA player-officer-blogger .
- He is the first Filipino blogger accredited by Inside Pool Magazine.
- He is the first blogger accredited by one of the world's best custom-cue makers, Viattorre.
- He was nominated to the Blogger's Choice Awards as Best Sports Blog.
- He received the Top Sports/Leisure Blog Award at Fuel My Blog.

In addition, he has the following accomplishments:

- He won a Super Saturday Blog of the Day Award.
- He received the first Golden Blog Award given by Infinit-O.
- He is the first Filipino to be certified by Seeking Alpha - the leading provider of stock market opinion and analysis from blogs, money managers, and investment newsletters - with his articles published in Yahoo! Finance.

So you have sports and stock market analysis and opinion. There's also political opinion. And, of course, tips for bloggers - my favorite kind of posts. Aside from that, there's a lot of fun stuff in there.

Check out how many comments the posts get. You'll see how well-liked the blog is.

To celebrate his first year in blogging, AnitoKid is holding the AnitoKid Anniversary Review competition with $100 to be awarded to the winning review. Another $100 will also be given to his favorite charity, KLAPKiDS Foundation.

Deadline for the reviews is November 12, 2007. Results will be announced on November 20.

I'm sure you would want to review AnitoKid's blog with or without the competition. This is one blog that stands as an inspiration to all of us newbie bloggers! I award "AnitoKid Chronikos - Billiards and Philippine Sports" five stars!!!


THE ANiTOKiD said...

I just read the post ManilaMom! I was looking for your email add - am going to send something nice :)

Your words are always an inspiration and always an interesting read, Mom.

From the bottom of my heart, "Thank you for this post." "Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat Mom!"

MJ said...

Walang anuman, AnitoKid! It's my pleasure, bro. What you are doing through your blog is truly amazing. :D

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi ManilaMom! Have you noticed my Viral-Icons? I made a favicon for you last night Mom (and i didnt know you were making the review). Coincidence huh?

I copied the whole HTML code in a MS Word document - thus, you can upload it as a whole in a new post. And everytime i update it, i'll be sending you the code.

You can reply at Mom, or here Mom.

MJ said...

Haha! And I made the second review at Earn Global Online without knowing about the viral icons.

Your generosity is humbling, bro! I can only strive to work harder on the blogs to deserve it - and pass on the help to others, too.

Thank you so much!

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